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We create technology with a big impact that allows Fintechs and Startups to grow and evolve rapidly.

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We lead the future of banking

We drive startups and Fintechs through an agil and secure platform 100% SAAS to let them have different banking capabilities.

Technology 100% Cloud

The financial ecosystem is experimenting a revolution with open banking tools and Leancore is your key partner to lead this transformation.

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Cloud technology

Leancore has most innovative features in the market

QR links

QR and Whatsapp links

Facial recognition

Payments with facial recognition


Cryptocurrencies support


Loans and microloans management for third parties

Credit card

Savings accounts management

Fraud detection

AI based fraud detection

Information layer

A friendly Information layer for payments and transfers


Our Strategy

Give free tech to users and collect payments

What makes us different?

  • The first company that incorporates Whatsapp links and facial recognition as a different way to make payments and transactions.
  • We are a reliable partner to improve, transform and co-create the best user experience for Fintechs and startups users.
Credit card
  • We are permanently improving all our technology and services to create better products.
  • We promise you effectivity, security and simplicity
  • We are a white label solution, that means our brand won't be visible in the final product

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